Industrias Agropecuarias Tropicales (Indatrop SA) was born in 1994, product of the association of international and national groups whose common interest is the principle of management based on three areas of responsibility: Economic, Social and Environmental.

Indatrop is currently the largest Bolivian company dedicated to the cultivation, packaging and marketing of hearts of palm and fruits under the CAMPO VERDE brand, generating income for the region and thus encouraging its development, as well as being a source of foreign currency for the country.

To contribute to the country in its sustainable and sovereign agro-food development.

The commitment of quality is assumed by all the members of the company, oriented to the client with continuous improvement, controlling and guaranteeing the production and distribution processes of our products.

The pillars of our quality management are 7:

  1. Achieve sustainability over time
  2. Ensure the satisfaction of our customers
  3. Comply with the current national and destination market legal requirements
  4. Ensure the production of products with quality and safety
  5. Maintain sustainable and fair relationships with suppliers
  6. Continuously improve operational efficiency
  7. Surround ourselves with committed and competent collaborators

The quality and food safety are dynamic conditions and function of the human team, therefore the commitment of all is:


The Palmito cycle begins with the seeds of the Bactris gasipaes HBK variety and following continuous and strict sanitary controls from the sowing through all stages of growth, healthy, vigorous seedlings and with unparalleled characteristics are achieved, which highlight Indatrop in the market international for the recognized quality of its raw material.

Indatrop has extensive palm heart plantations located in the Ivirgarzama subtropical region of the Bolivian Chapare, privileged environment with exceptional climate and soil conditions, which allows to obtain a palm of excellent quality and health.

Another important source of supply of raw materials of Indatrop is produced by farmers in the sector, performing in these an agricultural extension work, controlled by a team of agronomists that provides technical assistance so that the raw material they provide meets strict standards of quality.

In recent years, Indatrop has developed a new Cocoa project in the tropical region of Cochabamba, thus expanding this cultivation in our own farm, currently constituting one of the main suppliers of cocoa in the region.

The industrial plant equipped with advanced technology allows Indatrop to process top quality products under strict quality standards. The process of production and packaging of palm heart, fruits and jams is carried out under rigorous international quality standards, through a highly specialized system and specific quality controls, thus guaranteeing safety, legality and food safety in each of their products.

To obtain the BRC certification in the 2017/18 management, Indatrop has made an important investment in the infrastructure of the industrial plant, thus becoming the most modern plant in the sector. This has led to the testing and improvement of all production processes by developing new technology to ensure food safety and safety. Indatrop has obtained the BRC certification, becoming the first palmetto producer to achieve this accreditation.




Quality is the emblem of INDATROP and the guarantee it gives to its customers through its products and services. Our philosophy is to work together with our clients, joining forces for the joint development of integral strategies and programs of mutual benefit, thus achieving the highest demands of consumers.

Thanks to the quality it offers and is accepted for its excellence, we have recognized clients worldwide, in the markets of: United States, France, Chile, Argentina, Morocco and others with which INDATROP has developed a long-term relationship in based on the quality of the products and customer service.

Having a team committed to quality and the company


Indatrop has the ISO 9001: 2015 certification accredited by the TÜV CERT RHEINLAND of Germany, certification that endorses the quality of its management system in all areas of the company.

IFS – International Featured Standards. This standard was founded in 2003 focused on foods with high standards to meet the requirements of customers and work on continuous improvement. It contains the requirements of an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control) system in accordance with the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius. It is a documented quality management system and control of requirements of the environmental conditions of the facilities, of the products, of the processes, of the personnel. What we value most about this system is the validation of all the processes..

Kosher certification is a certification issued by different Jewish organizations certifying that the product has been manufactured under the supervision of the division of the Orthodox Union.

It is the agency of the government of the United States responsible for the regulation of food, medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, biological products and blood derivatives.

SENASAG has the competence to guarantee the safety of food in the productive and processing sections that correspond to the agricultural sector and to carry out the certification of the food safety of food products for national consumption, export and import from Bolivia.


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